DOTY, Fred
Born: October 25, 1924
Toronto, Ontario

To the young generation, the name Fred Doty may not mean a whole lot, but those who go back a long way have no trouble remembering him. He was a football star who shone as bright on the horizon of Canadian football as the best of them during the post Second World War years.

Frederick Kenneth Doty shares a couple of Toronto Argonaut football records with some other luminaries of the game that had stood the test of times very well over the years. In the days when players played for the joy of the game ( and maybe pocket money and a case of beer here and there), Doty left his mark on the Argo record book by performing some big-league feats, such as intercepting three passes in one game and running back two intercepted passes for touchdown-two in one season. While playing for the Argonauts, he led the team in punt returns four years in a row, from 1945 to 1948.

But the things Doty remembers most vividly (and fondly, of course) are not so much the great returns or picked-off passes run in for touchdowns, but the sweet taste of nectar out of the Grey Cup. Doty played football with the Toronto Argos of the Interprovincial Rugby Union (the name of the circuit before it became as it's known today, the Canadian Football League) from 1945 to 1949. During those years, the powerful Argos were the toast of the nation from coast to coast and won the Grey Cup three consecutive times in 1945, '46 and '47.

Born in Toronto, Doty attended the University of Toronto and in '46, he actually played football for two teams- on the collegiate level with the Varsity Blues and the Canadian League level with the Argonauts.

Before turning his attention to pro football, Doty played basketball while stationed in Calgary with the Royal Canadian Air Force during the war years in 1943 and 1944. It was Calgary where the love of gridiron won out when he first played football at the junior level.

An all round talent (not a rare thing those days) he played both defense and offence right through hie Argonaut career, a feat he considers his most outstanding achievement.

Fred was inducted into the Mississauga Sports Hall of Fame for 1977, the same year his son Cole (Canadian sprint champion who represented the country in various international competitions and starred for the southern Methodist University track team in Dallas) was named Mississauga's Amateur Athlete of the Year.

In addition to football, Doty also left his mark on the business world. For years, he was president of Dufferin Concrete Products. He and his family have resided in Mississauga since 1956.